Day 3 dice roll – Walking Cane

Woah…The light was blinding. “Avery, I told you not to shine the light in my eyes.”

“Come on, let’s try and be quiet. We need to see if we can find our way out of here without waking everyone up”

So we tiptoed our way out and used our feet to feel our way down the tunnel. “How did I get into this?” I keep asking myself…But it’s a long story and it all starts with a package, delivered to the wrong address.


But for now, we need to concentrate on how we are going to get out of here. “Avery, can you pass me your flashlight? I think I see something up ahead.”  As I swing the flashlight around, illuminating the tunnel, I notice something strange. It looks as if, no, it can’t be. But there it is, there is a large footprint…on the wall.
I swing the flashlight up and notice that there are several up there.  They lead all the way up to a small chink of light.  Surely, that can’t be the way out? Also, where is the creature that created such a large footprint.  I lean up against the wall and notice something interesting. The wall is sticky. Not sticky in a spilt jam kind of way, but it almost seems as if the wall has its own gravity. I struggle to pull my hand away. Avery, come here. I want to try something. Since Avery is only small, I bear hug her and ask her to put her feet on the wall. Stepping back, I notice that I don’t even need to hold Avery, the wall is doing it for me. I step back, run up and launch onto the wall feet first. While a little wobbly, I can stand up.
“Let’s go.”
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We gradually, carefully walk up the wall. I reckon that we must have walked a few hundred feet. To be honest. walking this far up a sheer wall is much easier than I would have thought. I guess that’s the benefit of a wall that has it’s own gravity.
As we walk up, the light gets closer and brighter. After being down here for so long, even the tiniest amount of light is painful. Gradually, I can see the top of the tunnel. I see Avery climb over the top. As I approach, I decide it wlll be better to crawl on hands and knees. I am not sure when the gravity will change and for some strange reason, it feels as if falling will hurt less from thi position. I get to the top, swing my leg over and finally I am out in daylight.
“Andrew, you have to see this.”
Standing up, I look out and can’t believe my eyes. We are stood atop a giant pyramid, in the middle of Central Park. Which, you have to admit is kind of weird. But what is even more weird is the fact that no one can see us. At least, they don’t seem to look at us.
“Click, click, click”
“Andrew, do you hear that? He is catching up to us.”
We don’t know who he actually is, but we do know he is relentless and we recognize the distinctive click of his cane anywhere, even on the vertical face of a rock wall, inside a pyramid. Does that sounds as crazy to you as it does to me?