I have decided that I am going to try and complete a writing challenge for the month of December. I Know this has nothing to do with Online Marketing per say. But I want to improve my writing skills and I figured this would be a good challenge to try.

For my birthday, my wife, Marilyn bought we a set of Story Cubes, so I figured that I would try and use these cubes to help me with my challenge.

The roll of the dice for today was a flashlight. So here is my first effort:

Woah…The light was blinding. “Avery, I told you not to shine the light in my eyes.”

“Come on, let’s try and be quiet. We need to see if we can find our way out of here without waking everyone up”

So we tiptoed our way out and used our feet to feel our way down the tunnel. “How did I get into this?” I keep asking myself…But it’s a long story and it all starts with a package, delivered to the wrong address.