blog writing for older professionals

In my day job I work with over 200 high caliber finance professionals.  They are the creme de la creme. They average over 25 years experience each, yet many of them seem to dread writing blog posts for their personal websites.

We could go into the nitty gritty about why we are asking then to do that, but that be content for another blog post.  Needless to say we are asking them to do so. It is kind of funny, as I sit here writing this,  I can visualize the eye rolls from each of them as I yet again talk to them about writing content.

The dirty little secret that they don’t seem to understand is that they already have the skills and knowledge necessary to write amazing content that can generate results.

The secret is. …


Those of you that are older professionals have a vast wealth of knowledge,  You just need to write about it.  If i were you,  I would look at your clients and figure out what business problems it was that you solved for them.  Then write about that.

For example,  for this post,  I thought to myself,  “What is my number one piece of advice for the older professionals that want to blog?” and this blog post is my answer to that question.

So, what’s your hang up?

Let me know if there is something else you would like to know.

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