Social Triggers Blog

Derek Halpern does a very good job of taking psychological triggers and using them in the online space.

Why do I like this blog?

There are two main reasons:

  • Simplicity
  • Specific Examples.

Both of these bullets are key to me and how I think. I do not like to hear things being overcomplicated. Just tell me how it is. Secondly, I don’t learn well by reading long lists of mumbo jumbo. Give me examples and let me see how I can apply this to my business.

Social Triggers gives me ample servings of both of these and as an online marketer I feel that this should be something we should ensure that we are doing for our clients. Both in terms of how we promote their service or product, but also in how we report our performance back to them.

What do you think of Social Triggers?

Let me know.