Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

This week, Google announced that they have launched remarketing (retargeting) functionality as part of their Adwords suite of tools. Now you have the ability to add code to certain pages of your site and then serve display ads to certain targets through the Google Content Network.

For example, if somebody lands on your Web site and navigates to a product page, but doesn’t buy, you can now display very specific creative to them. You can perhaps offer them a discount etc.

I have heard that this also works on YouTube pages as well as on your actual Web site. This is an excellent innovation since YouTube is professed to be the number 2 search engine (although I still don’t think of it as one).

I can see this being amazing for most brands and could perhaps make several retargeting/remarketing specific companies nervous. Especially if Google find a way to make the ads dynamic.

Have you used this tool? Do you think it could help your business?

Let me know what you think.