Book Review - Pull The Semantic Web
Book Review – Pull The Semantic Web

Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business is an interesting book. As you can tell by my previous blog posts, I am personally very interested in the internet. It is how I make my living and where I see the future.

This book, gives some very good food for thought. In the future, how will online advertising work, will it be a push system or as in the title of the book, will it be a Pull system? I tend to sit on the fence and say it a bit of both. I d tend to think that Google are already moving towards the Data locker concept as described within the book, but don’t be surprised to see Facebook try something similar. In fact, I very recently came across a personal locker project called SINGly, perhaps this will be the new internet powerhouse?

In terms of the book, I would recommend reading it if you are interested in the internet and the path it may take into the future. I did find some areas a little bit difficult to read, but overall it was very good.

I give it a big 7 out of 10.