In the last two blog posts I have discussed how you should change your marketing copy to appeal to different colors or temperaments. This week, you will have the opportunity to find out what color you are. I attempted to find a Real Colors test that you could do, however these tests are not available online.

However, in flew Anita Graham to the rescue. Anita told me that Real Colors, whose material we used for the test that I took at work; do not allow their system to be used online. I think that is a big mistake, but it is their business, not mine. So Anita, gave me the link to a competitors web site. While the system is set up differently, a number of people have tried it and it gave the same result that was given, by Real Colors. I have also been asked by Anita to refer to it as marketing to temperaments rather than just colors. This is technically the correct way in which to refer to what I am doing. So I apologize now if I slip back into my old ways of talking about marketing to colors 🙂

I was surprised by the high number of people who expressed an interest to me either by email, in the comments or via twitter about finding out what their temperament or color is. Aside from knowing what communication styles you react to in a marketing situation, it is also a good test to perform in a company setting. This can help you understand how to communicate internally.

In fact, if I was an agency, I would send this test out to my clients and ask them to take it. Then you would be in a powerful position when writing your reports and even trying to upsell.

So here it is, the long awaited test:

Click on the testing center link and then the top test which is free. It should take roughly 10 mins to complete.

What did you think of this test? Come back and let me know.

Next week I am going to review the results of my blog readers, and compare them to the national average. Until next week, have a good time and thank you for reading.