Welcome back to my Marketing to Colors series of blog posts.

Last week I discussed how you should talk to colors in your marketing pieces and how each color reacts differently to what you say. So this week, I have decided to look at a fictional product “Widget x” and write some copy that would appeal to a Blue, an Orange, a Green and a Gold.

So lets get started:


How do you feel on Valentines day, when your wife looks at your gifts and says “It’s ok dear. Its the thought that counts.”? Well no longer, Widget X will make her feel like the Queen she is. Not only will it be a present she loves, buying Widget X, will make her life so much easier because ………


Are you looking for the next opportunity to become your own boss?

Can you imagine a product that will make you rich?

Widget X is the product for you; not only is it made of the finest materials and commands the best resale value of any waterless cookware, as a Widget Seller representative, you get it at wholesale value.

People spend tens of millions of dollars on such products each week, get your share today!!


How much money do you spend a month on groceries? $300? $500?

What if I could show you a way to save up to 50% of your grocery bill each month, would that be worth an investment?

Well, Widget X can do more than that. Due to its waterless cooking system, you get less shrinkage in your food and you retain more nutrients. Both of these excellent benefits of Widget X can save you up to 50% of your grocery bill and also help save on your utilities.

According to research done by the “Independent Research Company” cooking your food any other way can cost you more money and give you less health benefits. Widget X helps you retain your money and your health.

Insert a Pie Chart of graph illustrating how much better Widget X is than its competitors.


Widget X can help you save money in four ways:

  • Reduce the amount of groceries you need to buy
  • Retain all of the nutrients in your food, so you eat less
  • Use less energy to cook your food
  • With a lifetime warranty, you will NEVER have to buy another set of cookware

So order your widget X today!

As you can see, there are four different approaches to sell the same product. last week we had a comment from Shannon. Asking how you can know whether your customer is a Blue, Orange, Green or Gold. Without giving each individual customer a psychological evaluation, it is hard to know. My advice is to combine all four approaches into one letter or marketing piece. Each of us can be a different color at any given time. In fact, it can even change as you get older.So, trying to analyze and determine what would work for individual colors would be a long and arduous process that may not be fruitful.

Are you wondering what color you are? Well check back next week for a marketing colors test.

Do you have any comments? Let me know in the comments section  below. Until next time, enjoy yourself and thank you for reading.