Not so long ago, I and everyone else at Sitewire underwent a rigorous psychological evaluation. (In reality, we answered a few questions about ourselves) The evaluation was for the Myers-Briggs Real Colors test. The premise behind this test is that based on our personalities and tendencies, we can all be categorized into one of four colors: Blue, Orange, Gold and Green. Each of these colors communicates differently from the rest and therefore, if we understand how each other communicates, then we can have more harmonious and successful working relationships with our peers.

I was proved to be an orange, thinking back, this is no surprise. I love the sound of my own voice, I love change and I also love “The Big idea”. My colleague Katie Van Domelan was classified as a Gold. To hear her speak about how she likes to receive information and tasks opened my eyes to the mistakes I have made previous. Being an orange, I can handle vague tasks as long as I get given a challenge, whereas Katie being a Gold, likes a set of structured points detailing exactly what needs to be done and how. I must drive her crazy with my random big idea orange vague as anything job tasks. I’m sorry Katie and to anyone else that hates this.

So… How does this fit in to Marketing?

Well, if each of us has a different style and a different communication preference, surely this would reflect itself in how we should be marketed too?

So In this post, I intend to Give you the colors and how you should talk to them. Then my next post will be an example of this in practice. How you write a piece of copy to inspire the colors to part with their hard earned cash (or sign up for something).

How should I talk to a Blue?

  • Relate what you are saying to feelings
  • Avoid open criticism
  • Reference how your product/service will help others
  • Don’t use facts to make your point
  • Ask the person how they feel
  • Remind them how important what they are doing is to others

How should I talk to an Orange?

  • Cut straight to the heart of the problem that you will solve
  • Talk about how to do things
  • talk about getting things done and results
  • Talk about the “Big Idea”

How should I talk to a Gold?

  • Use clear and precise language
  • Give straightforward direction on what to do next
  • Get right to the point
  • Follow an agenda or plan
  • Talk about actual accomplishments
  • Focus on their responsibilities
  • Keep things ordered
  • Keep things symmetrical

How should I talk to a Green?

  • Use clear and precise language
  • Use logic to support your position
  • Use testimonials
  • Ask meaningful questions
  • Focus on how they can use their intelligence
  • Talk about possibilities
  • Talk about how they can keep improving things by using your product
  • They LOVE pie charts, graphs and data

Do you have any pieces of copy you would like me to adapt for the colors?

Do you have any comments, if so, please leave them in the comment box below and I will try and address them in my next post, Marketing to Colors pt 2……….

Thank you for Reading.