Just lately I have started to read a lot of copywriting books, my two favorite authors at the moment are Andy Maslen http://www.sunfish.co.uk/ and Joe Sugarman of Blublocker Sunglasses.

Why am I such a big fan?

I like Andy’s easy straightforward style and his book, “Write to Sell:The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting” it is a simple to understand and easy to follow instruction manual. However, I really like Joe’s book “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook” it is a funny read that focuses on psychological triggers in copywriting.

This has really piqued my interest in marketing and psychology, I like the phrases MarketologyTM and PsychetingTM to explain the marriage of the two disciplines. What is it that makes someone buy? Is it a simple phrase? Is it the emotional tone you use? Is it just good targeting and segmentation strategies.

The answer for me is that it is a small part of each of these elements and many more. I am looking forward to starting on my journey of learning more about how to persuade using the art of the written word. But also how we can use psychological targeting and segmentation to improve our marketing ROI.

Check back often as I intend to walk you along the same path of discovery. If you have a comment, please talk about it below in the comments.