When I first heard that LinkedIn had decided to allow applications on their platform, my initial feeling was that they had “missed the boat” with this and were too late to make it meaningful. However, I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised by the applications. There are nine applications that you can add to your homepage and profile. They are:

  • Blog Link
  • Box.net Files
  • Reading List by Amazon
  • Company Buzz
  • Google Presentation
  • Slideshare Presentations
  • Huddle Workspaces
  • My Travel and
  • WordPress

I am not going to go into details and describe what each one does as you can do that on your own. The one that interests me the most is Blog Link. This allows any of my connections to see the updates to my blog as they happen and vice versa. I was thinking about the potential uses for this as a Media Planner and Strategist. The first and most obvious use I could think of was using it to position myself as a thought leader. The only drawback I can see is that only your connections are able to see it. So unless you actively try to seek out industry insiders or try to get people to connect to you on LinkedIn, your audience may be limited.

I would be interested to see how many people have used the LinkedIn applications and what for.