Drama!?, not really

Ok, so I may have gone a little overboard with the title, but just recently I was looking through my twitter feed and I noticed the following graphic:

Build Measure Learn Twitter Image

Build Measure Learn Twitter Image

Awesome, it looked as if my blog post that I wrote sometime in 2013 had been picked up by GrowthHackers. So when I clicked through, I was surprised and flattered to see my graphic on conversionxl.com. However, the image credit was going to someone else. When I clicked through to that site, there was no image credit.

It was plausible that this graphic was just similar looking to the one that I made so I went to check my previous posts. It was then that I remembered I had posted it during the period of time that my blog had been hacked and then I messed up my backup losing my blog content.

Fortunately, however, I found the image on another domain that I use as well,

Turning it into links

My next aim is to reach out to ConversionXL and then to ask them to change the image credit back to this blog.

I used a tool called TinyEye, which allows me to do a search across the internet for similar images. It isn’t perfect however as I only found one reference to my image and it wasn’t the one on ConversionXL, but there is a good scope to use these types of tools regularly to see if you are missing out on links.

I will update this post once I hear back from ConversionXL.

My Feedback Loop Graphic

The Feedback Loop

The Feedback Loop


Conversion XL switched out the link and pointed it to this page. Thanks Peep.