I have had several people ask me what it takes get my business listed online, especially for local businesses. Each and every time I try and tell them that they need to do local SEO marketing. I always get blank stares. I saw this post from Todd Mintz over at Search Engine Journal (http://www.searchenginejournal.com/get-listed-so-you-can-get-found/28398/)

HE gives a list of three things and I would recommend that you follow these items when starting with your local SEO.

The three super duper local listing strategies:

  1. Claim your Google Places Page
  2. Optimize the heck out of it (without spamming)
  3. Get people to leave reviews (on the Google places page and also on other sites such as Yelp).

There it is 3 simple items….. In my next 3 blog posts, I will give suggestions and instructions on how to do each of them.