I bought this book due to the Amazon book description mentioning about how E.J. Ourso had “acquired 56 businesses in 48 years – the first 25 with no money down”. As an aspiring entrepreneur, this piece of information sold me on the book.
After reading the book, I made three notes of truths or pieces of information that E.J. Ourso taught me. They are ‘facts’ that I personally got from the book. If you read it, you may get something different.
The three facts are:

  • That belief and perseverance (over talent) will get you to almost any goal
  • If you make it big, you should give back when and wherever you can
  • It is God that helps us to make it big

I found the book difficult to read to start with, I am struggling to put my finger on why that is. I think it is because I had an expectation of the book to be textbook like after reading the description. This book was definitely ‘NOT’ a textbook it was a very relaxed discussion on the business practices that Ourso developed. It also was autobiographical. I was not expecting that.
At the beginning of the book, E.J. Ourso talks about how he would sometimes ‘teach’ an entrepreneurial class about how to be a business success, but he would struggle to fit it into the hour that he was allotted. This book was a collection of the items that he would have told that class if he could.
I also really felt an affinity with E.J. Ourso in that he was raised in a poor area and it was considered strange that he would become a success.
I would recommend that you buy it and try to learn from it. I am going to revisit this book often and try to improve my business acumen.