Eating your own dog food

Image kindly provided by Robert Hruzek

I have looked back at my blog and just realized that I haven’t blogged since November. I have been super busy with school, but that isn’t an excuse. Well it is but not a good one.  I think I need to make it a professional goal to blog more often, as a Digital Media Strategist, I understand the importance of blogging and doing so regularly in order to build my reputation.

But, understanding Digital Media Strategy and implementing it for myself is a completely different issue. I know when I worked at Sitewire, we had the issue of coming up with many great ideas for our clients, we didn’t ever seem to implement those ideas for ourselves. A lot of the time we didn’t even accomplish the basic ideas.

I heard the phrase many times about “Eating your own Dog Food”

So I have a question to ask….. Do you eat your own dog food?

I know that I don’t all the time and I have even heard others suggest that people shouldn’t, well what say you?