I read a blog post today talking about an Unconference of sorts that took place in phoenix AZ. It seems that a friend/colleague of mine Katie Van Domelan attended a session entitled “Kids & their new networks”. What Katie thought would be something of great interest to her turned into a lecture about parenting skills and the lack thereof. In Katie’s words it seemed that parents where trying to get marketers to do their job for them by only putting certain types of content online knowing that kids would view them.

This got me thinking, as a parent, I would appreciate it if when my son is old enough to go online and find his own way around that he would be safe from viewing ads that are definitely not age appropriate. But is it the responsibility of online marketers to make sure that kids are not viewing ads they shouldn’t be? I would say it isn’t. It is the parent’s responsibility to know what there kids are doing online and where they are doing it. I like my father in laws example of how to control what his kids are viewing online. It is so simple; I don’t know why more people don’t do it.


The computer is put ion the room that gets the most foot traffic, with a house as busy as theirs it is unlikely that somebody would purposely go and view something that is not age appropriate. In addition, it is password protected so he controls what is downloaded and if they view things they shouldn’t their privileges are withdrawn.

But back to media, I wonder if there are many marketers and brands out there that would take advantage of ensuring that their content and ads are age appropriate. I as a parent would react positively to companies that try and promote a positive image.