How To Make Millions Without A Degree

I was interested by the concept of this book as I have never believed that you needed a degree to become a millionaire. It’s kind of ironic for me though as I have a burning desire to become a successful entrepreneur and become a millionaire, but I am also about to finish my MBA. So I wanted to read this book to see if it would add anything beyond what I already know. The answer was, not really.

Does that mean that this book wasn’t a good read? No. It is more a reflection on me I feel, I know what was said in this book is true, I just need to go out there and do something for myself.

The basic gist that I got from the book is the fact that you need to build a company that can be duplicated and can be run without you there. Also, Simon recommends that you don’t have a business partner so you can have all of the profits for yourself. This last statement, I am not quite sure I agree with, but I am not the millionaire (yet!).

I also really liked the biopics that were given for several millionaires that became successful, especially The Healy Brothers since they are from the same city that I grew up in. I just wish that we were taught about these entrepreneurs while I was in school.

Would I recommend you buy this book? I would recommend you buy it on Kindle as it is way cheaper, it is definitely interesting, but you may be expecting some amazing genius and be disappointed. Just expect to be given sound advice that might seem to easy to make sense.