I think that Ryan Blair did a good job with his Nothing to Lose Nothing to Lose
book. I liked the fact that this book is instructional while drawing on very real and very recent examples. I liked some of the biographical details as well. If I am being critical, I think that they tried to create a combination of biographical and educational information and it didn’t work out as well as it could have. I wanted to read a little bit more of the biographical details, more of the inspiration and experiences behind the success. When I was reading the instructional  content, I wanted more of that too. Overall, I just wanted more. Now that is not to say that the book isn’t good, it is, but I am a very critical person 😉

If you have aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, I would definitely recommend that you read this book, I think you will learn something from it, I certainly did. In fact, my favorite segment of the book is learning from Ryan’s “Million Dollar Mistakes”. Why make those mistakes if someone already has?

Update: a month after reading the book, I have talked to several people about what I most took away from this book and one phrase sticks out in my mind; “Don’t let anyone steal your milk”.

Read the book and find out what I mean.

I give this book a 7 out of 10 stars